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Apple's strategic pivot: Discounting the Chinese market

Apple adjusts its market strategy in China, offering rare discounts on iPhone 15 to tackle local competition and stimulate demand.

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JetBlue-Spirit merger: US Judge hits the brakes

A judge blocked the JetBlue-Spirit merger, citing competition concerns impacting the airlines' plans, and signaling potential antitrust changes in the industry.

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Morgan Stanley's earnings escapade and uncharted waters

Despite Q4 earnings dip, Morgan Stanley's diverse operations and wealth focus position it cautiously optimistic for 2024 amidst economic challenges.


10 Reasons Your Capital Raising Strategy Is Failing

Have your capital-raising efforts been unsuccessful? Here are a few key areas you need to focus on.

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3 Pharma Stocks for January 2024 Profits

The pharmaceutical industry is thriving, fueled by steady demand for drugs, cost-efficient alternative discoveries, and rapid technological innovations. Hence, fundamentally strong pharma stocks Novo Nordisk (NVO), Eton Pharmaceuticals (ETON), and...

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Should You Buy, Hold, or Sell Commerce Bancshares (CBSH) and Wintrust Financial (WTFC) Ahead of Earnings?

The banking industry has showcased resilience and stability despite encountering several challenges last year. Yet, bank profits could remain under pressure in 2024. As regional banks Commerce Bancshares (CBSH) and...

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How Incorporating AI Into Learning Now Leads To Financial Freedom Later

Most people have financial dreams. Some want to become millionaires, retire early, and travel the world. Others want to simply lead a comfortable lifestyle that affords them occasional luxuries. One...

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8 Interesting Things To Know About Indian Women's Relationship With Their Finances

In the context of the stagnating rate of female participation in the workforce and a persistent gender pay gap, the insights from a recent study have come out, which are pertinent for businesses, regulators and financial institutions as well as a revelation when it comes to understanding the variations of Indian women's relationship with their finances.


Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed Highlights His Impact Investing Journey At Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023

The conversation also saw Prince Khaled share insights on food technology's important role in the climate crisis, as well as the wider investment landscape of climate financing.

Money & Finance

Your Complete Guide to Building Passive Income in 2024

Forget active income — it's time to create some real financial freedom in your life.

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Semiconductor Stock 2024 Insights: Top 3 Picks to Buy

The semiconductor industry’s outlook for 2024 appears optimistic due to resurgent market demand and government funding and other incentives. Given the industry’s tailwinds, it could be wise to buy quality...

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Analyzing 3 Software Stocks - Buy, Hold, or Sell?

The software industry is positioned for sustained expansion due to technological advances, escalating demand for innovative software solutions, and the shift to cloud-based platforms, driving the demand for software solutions....

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Why Founders are Turning to Reg A and CF to Raise Money in 2024

As long as traditional startup companies have existed, so has the reign of venture capital firms. Not every business can become a unicorn or even a decacorn – a private...

Growth Strategies

Charting The Future: Hisham Mansour, Co-Founder And Managing Director, CFI

Artificial intelligence is the way forward, according to the entrepreneur behind the MENA's leading broker


Don't Miss a Deduction with This $39.99 Tax Software from H&R Block

Why pay someone to do what H&R Block can help you do yourself?