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7 Career-Boosting Habits of Mentally Strong People, According to a Psychotherapist

From saying "no" more often to regulating your emotions, these tips will help you level up your life.

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'Why Would I Pay These Fees?': Kevin O'Leary Slams Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The "Shark Tank" star says he isn't buying spot bitcoin ETFs and is "holding bitcoin for the long term as a digital gold."

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Apple Reportedly Told Dozens of Employees They Must Relocate or Be Terminated

An estimate 121 employees will be affected by the decision.

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A Woman Who Won $187 Million in a Lottery Severed Ties With Her Family After She Said They Became 'Demanding and Greedy'

She gave her family about $20 million, but they have since "lost touch with where they've come from."

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Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Japan After Window Cracks on Boeing Aircraft

The crack was found in the cockpit about 40 minutes into the flight.

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'We Pulled Off An SEO Heist': Entrepreneur Stole 3.6 Million Pageviews From Competitors — And Your Business Could Be Next.

This has huge implications for businesses that rely on Google's organic traffic for revenue.

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'You Can't Feel Sorry for Yourself': Barbara Corcoran Shares Her Top Mindset Hack For When You've Been Laid Off

She'd know — the "Shark Tank" star said she's been laid off several times.